Hello 2nd Trimester!

Somehow baby and I have made it into the second trimester.  Here we are at 14 weeks and 2 days and so far things seem to be sailing along smoothly.  Baby has been measuring right on track with a beautiful heartbeat all along, growing appropriately, and at my last ultrasound (which was for the first trimester screening), the baby was moving around like crazy, sucking its thumb, rubbing its eyes, rolling around and stretching out its legs.  The blood test results revealed like a 1 in 700-something chance of any of the trisomies, so that was very reassuring.

This picture was taken just about 2 weeks ago, around 13 weeks… so I’m already starting to show, but it looks different in certain outfits.  I keep wondering if I look pregnant or just pudgy.


I have yet to feel any movement that I can definitively call baby movement, but I think with Julia I was closer to 20 weeks before I started feeling what I could definitely call baby movements.  I can’t wait to start feeling those little kicks, hiccups, and even the rolling around in my belly.  I loved that feeling with Julia and can’t wait to feel it again this time around.

I’m not being watched nearly as closely as I was with Julia so I’m not having the every 2-week ultrasounds I got with her… which is good in some ways (the doctors trust that everything is going to be fine and that my body knows what it’s doing) and bad in some ways (I don’t get that frequent check-in with baby to make sure everything’s going well).  At this point though, in the absence of bleeding or heavy cramping the assumption is that baby and I are both doing okay.  Because I don’t get those frequent ultrasounds, I won’t get another peek at baby until the 20-week anatomy scan, which means there are still over 6 weeks before I’ll know whether baby will be a boy or a girl.  With Julia I think we knew fairly certainly by 15 or 16 weeks that she was a girl since I was having so many ultrasounds but this time I’ll have to wait like the general population.

This pregnancy is already speeding by so much more quickly than it did the first time around, and I’m trying to treat myself a little better this time… taking more time for myself, relaxing when I need to, etc. and this Sunday I’m planning on going to my first (of many I hope) prenatal yoga class!  I also scheduled a prenatal massage for myself in a couple weeks and I have two trips coming up that I’m really looking forward to as well… next weekend I’m going up to Ithaca, NY to visit Blair and then at the end of August I’m taking a solo trip to Europe!  I’ll fly into Brussels and spend 4 nights with Isabelle & Benoit there, then I’m taking the train to London and I’ll spend 4 nights there with Julia!  I’m so excited to get some solo adventure time before Julia starts school and before baby #2 rocks our world.  I’ll probably head to San Francisco with Julia for a week to visit my parents sometime in the fall too… either in mid or late October.

Speaking of Julia… she’s been a bit of a firecracker lately!  She’s still the smart, sassy, curious, inquisitive, creative, energetic little girl that she’s always been but she’s also developed some not so pleasant behaviors as a 4-year old.  She’s doing a lot of questioning of authority, a lot of back-talking and a lot of impulsive things (like eating candy out of her Halloween basket without asking and then lying about it).  She has “ghost friends” (aka imaginary friends) who she talks about a lot, and they apparently tell her to do things but she needs to be reminded fairly frequently to only listen to them when they tell her to do good things.  She’s super excited to become a big sister and keeps asking all kinds of questions about the baby–can it hear her? what’s it doing? is it hungry? is it kicking me? is it sleeping? when will it be here?

For now, we’re just trying to enjoy the summer, though it sure has been hot! Tomorrow we are heading to Hershey Park for a second weekend in a row (last weekend we went with Phil, Sabrina, Koren & Gavri and spent most of our time in the water park).

Tomorrow we’ll be there with a big group of Pumpkin Patch moms and kids, all heading here to visit Casey & Zoey, who are driving down today from Rochester, NY.  I can’t wait to meet some more of our amazing village of moms.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been together as a group for nearly 5 years now… and what a special group we are!


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