Starting Fresh

Ken and I have lived together since the summer of 2007.  We moved in together the summer after my junior year of college, and we’ve been living together ever since–first in Baltimore and then in New Orleans.  Our house has no cohesive design scheme (that sounds so pretentious!) and our furniture doesn’t really match at all.  There are a few pieces here and there that match but for the most part our furniture is this odd collection of hand-me-downs, Ikea furniture, Craig’s List purchases, and pieces we bought from Target when we saw a need and needed a quick fix.  Most of our furniture is stuff we’ve had since college.  We have all together too much stuff and too much furniture.

So in June, when we move back to Baltimore, we will be (hopefully) downsizing… getting rid of some of our stuff and getting rid of our furniture.  We are going to start this process soon–we’ll be going through our stuff and keeping only the essentials so that we will not be moving so much stuff.  This will help when we are looking for a new place to live since we won’t need to find a place with so much storage.  We will probably have to buy some new furniture when we get to Baltimore but I feel like this will give us the opportunity to start fresh… to start out as we would if we were moving in together for the first time and almost starting from scratch.  Of course we will keep some stuff… our bed, our guest bed, some nice bookshelves we have, the baby’s furniture, etc. but we are going to be getting rid of a lot of the crappy furniture we’ve accumulated throughout the years.

Most people don’t know this about me but I LOVE looking at interior design blogs… I love them!  I love planning my dream house and figuring out what furniture I would get, what color scheme I would go with, what patterns and textures would look good.  This is why I love going on the “Holiday Home Tour” that’s offered during the holidays in the Garden District in New Orleans, and why I love going to open houses–to see how other people decorate their homes, and to get ideas for my dream home.  I also love watching shows on HGTV about home decorating, remodeling, buying new houses, etc.  I actually think that if I could, I would LOVE to be an interior decorator!  I think that would be the most  fun job ever!  Though it would be most fun if all of my clients had unlimited amounts of money to spend on decorating their homes…

Anyway… now that we’re talking about downsizing and getting rid of furniture  (and therefore buying some new furniture), I have a real reason to start looking at design blogs so we can get some good ideas for what we will want our new place to look like and how we will want to decorate it!

Pinterest, here I come! 🙂 (These are just some of the looks I love…)

reading nook


corner office


kitchen nook

living room