Photo Collages

Newborn Photosnewborn collage

ThanksgivingThanksgiving collage

San Francisco Trip, December 2012SF trip collage

New Years Trip, Dec-JanNew Years Collage

Mardi Gras Photo Shootmardi gras shoot collage

4 Months Old4-month collage

5 Months Old5-month collage part 1

5-month collageMonthly Photos Through 6 Months (I know, I know… we forgot to make a sign for 5 months!)monthly collage6 Months Old6-month collage

7 Months Oldphoto

8 Months Oldimage

Father’s Day Photo Collagephoto

11 Months10.1.2013(2)1 Year Old!


JuliaRoseBirthday Party Collagebirthday photos

Halloween Collage10.31.2013Winter 2014 CollagewintertimecollageFather’s Day 2014

6.16.2014(8)Silly Selfies-

2nd Birthday Photo Shoot!


And comparison shots… 1st birthday vs. 2nd birthday!9.29.2014(29)

9.29.2014(28)and Newborn vs. 2 years old!Β 10.8.20143 Years old! IMG_8186

4 years old!

5 years old!

6 years old!

7 years old!

8 years old!

9 years old!

10 years old!

One thought on “Photo Collages

  1. hi Anna,
    Great blog! Thanks so much for sharing. You will always be “my patient”, so please continue to keep me in the loop.
    My best to you, Ken, Julia and ALL the future babies in your future. Those ovaries do have future babies in them so no need to fret πŸ˜‰
    xoxo Dr. Polite

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